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Tenacre Country Day School Relies on the Leadership of Will Crissman

Matthew Hamory serves as managing director in the Boston office of AlixPartners, a firm dedicated to helping clients from a wide range of industries navigate business challenges. Away from his professional responsibilities, Matthew Hamory engages with his community through his support of nonprofits and his involvement with Tenacre Country Day School.

Located in Wellesley, Massachusetts, Tenacre Country Day School provides a nurturing yet challenging educational environment to children in pre-kindergarten through grade six. Since July 2018, the independent coeducational school has been under the leadership of Head of School Will Crissman.

Over the course of his career, Will Crissman has consistently demonstrated a commitment to education. He previously spent more than a decade at Milton Academy, where be began as a math teacher before assuming roles as class dean and middle school principal. In the latter capacity, he worked to preserve Milton’s two-century-old traditions while repositio…

Walmart Undertakes Largest International E-Commerce Deal in History

As a managing director of AlixPartners, Matthew Hamory draws on more than two decades of experience in retail operations and strategy. In September 2018, Matthew Hamory shared his views on Walmart’s recent endeavors toward international expansion. “Even in the struggles [it has] had, [Walmart’s] still doing better than any U.S. retailer has done in the modern era,” he said.

Walmart International President and CEO Judith McKenna led the mega-retailer’s latest expansion effort, which involved acquiring a 77 percent stake in India’s largest online retailer, Flipkart, in August. The $16 billion investment marks the biggest purchase in not only Walmart’s history, but also the entire e-commerce sector. Furthermore, it represents a significant shift in the company’s traditional approach of focusing on a global footprint and opening physical storefronts.

Even before this investment, Walmart topped the charts in international revenue at $118 billion. Yet, its exponential growth in the global mar…

Cradles to Crayons’ Champion Corps Offers Volunteer Opportunities

Matthew Hamory serves as a managing director of the Boston-based global consulting firm AlixPartners, where he is responsible for expanding its range of capabilities in promotions and retail pricing. Outside of the company’s operations, Matthew Hamory supports community service groups such as Cradles to Crayons.

Cradles to Crayons provides children in need with the necessary resources to succeed at school and at home. This goal is achieved through the dedication and generosity of donors and volunteers, who come from a wide range of backgrounds and age groups.

Individuals interested in volunteering with Cradles to Crayons can become involved with Champion Corps, which consists of a group of adult volunteers who oversee stations at community events, and The Giving Factory, a warehouse used for the preparation and distribution of care packages. Warehouse leaders supervise various processing areas and play a critical role in serving children throughout the Boston metropolitan area.


Enrichment Programs at the Tenacre Country Day School

A Princeton University graduate, Matthew Hamory draws upon experience with firms such as Oliver Wyman and KPMG in his leadership role with AlixPartners in Boston. Outside of his professional life, Matthew Hamory gives back to the community through his involvement with nonprofit groups such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars and local educational institutions such as Tenacre Country Day School.

For more than 100 years, Tenace Country Day School has provided a challenging, nurturing educational environment to pre-kindergarten through sixth grade students in Wellesley, Massachusetts. In addition to a carefully designed mathematics and literacy curriculum, Tenacre offers foreign language instruction, intramural and interscholastic athletics, and a suite of enrichment programs.

Students at Tenacre participate in the Gwyn Loud Science and Enrichment program each spring. This program offers science-related projects tailored to each grade level. In previous years, students explored topics such as …

Three Tech Trends in the Retail Industry

An accomplished retail consultant, Matthew Hamory brings nearly two decades of experience to his role as a managing director with AlixPartners in Boston. As part of his professional duties, Matthew Hamory pays close attention to the latest technology developments in the retail sector.

From the first cash registers to the rise of Internet shopping, technology has been tightly integrated with the retail industry. Here are some ways technologists and retail observers see technology shaping the retail industry in the near future:

AI Personalization: New developments in artificial intelligence bring exciting potential for the use of data for targeted marketing and personalized shopping experiences. For example, AI-powered algorithms could make personalized style recommendations to apparel consumers.

Smart Carts: GPS technology and the Internet of Things promise new in-store shopping experiences. Among other possibilities, shopping carts equipped with GPS technology and Internet connectivity c…

Cradles to Crayons Needs

Since 2018, Matthew Hamory has been a Managing Director with AlixPartners in Boston, Massachusetts, expanding the firm's competencies in grocery and pharmacy operations. Matthew Hamory also supports several charities, including Cradles to Crayons.

Despite the name, Cradles to Crayons needs much more than just crayons. Its KidPacks give newborns to 12 year olds what they specifically want and need. In each region in which it operates, Cradles to Crayons publishes a list of items most necessary to its continued operation.

While it accepts a wide range of clothes, school supplies, and toiletries, Boston's Cradles to Crayons chapter most needs blankets and clothing. Twin-sized blankets and sweaters for both boys and girls rank highly on the priority list. Girls' and boys' shirts also greatly help the Cradles to Crayons mission, as do boys' pants.

Any items accepted by Cradles to Crayons can be dropped off at one of the organization's community drop-off sites. These in…

VFW Mental Wellness Campaign

A graduate of Princeton University, Matthew Hamory serves as a managing director in the retail practice at AlixPartners in Boston, Massachusetts. Alongside his work in strategy and operations consulting, Matthew Hamory contributes to community organizations such as the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

A nonprofit organization with roots dating back to 1899, VFW brings veterans together to support each other and advocates in the community for respect for veterans. The organization particularly focuses on the mental health of veterans through its Mental Wellness Campaign, which seeks to address the needs of veterans thinking about suicide.

Statistics place suicide rates for veterans at 20 per day. VFW wants to change that statistic by encouraging community connections and providing intervention efforts. The organization also seeks to raise awareness through partnerships with organizations such as Campaign to Change Direction, the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, Give an Hour, One Mind, and Patie…

3D Technology Changes Shopping Experience for Consumers

Boston-based global management executive Matthew Hamory has over 19 years of consulting experience in retail and market strategies. Matthew Hamory serves as a Managing Director of AlixPartners, a consulting firm that specializes in navigating disruptive technologies in the retail sector. 

Retailers are gradually embracing the innovative shopping experiences that 3D technologies can provide to their customers. The three most commonly applied 3D technologies include 3D scanning, 3D printing, and augmented reality applications.

3D scanning: This is the process of scanning and uploading an object into a virtual 3D environment. Some online retailers are using this technology to allow their customers to interact with their products virtually. A few e-commerce outlets are experimenting with using 3D body scans to estimate customer measurements to match clothing sizes more accurately.

3D printing: Though the technology is not yet capable of producing items on a large scale, some shops are using …

Amazon's Warehouse Model Is Ideal for Grocery Delivery Program

An experienced retail pricing and promotions strategy professional, Matthew Hamory serves as managing director of AlixPartners. Matthew Hamory recently offered insight into Amazon's venture into the grocery sector in a profile for Fortune Magazine.

In the article, Hamory comments on Amazon’s recent purchase of Whole Foods and how this move will expand its grocery business and grow its paid subscription membership base. He points out that, in comparison to the typical grocery store layout, Amazon’s warehouse-based business model is a much better way of storing fresh foods. In fact, stacking random products next to each other is not only more efficient, it is also much better for fresh goods because it reduces the amount of handling these items undergo. According to Hamory, “Every time you touch a fresh product it degrades it.” 

However, until Amazon reaches sufficient volume in smaller markets, it will be sourcing some grocery deliveries from brick-and-mortar Whole Foods stores. Alth…

AI and Machine Learning Techniques Boost Genetic Sequence Analysis

An established Mexican entrepreneur, Luis Miguel Chong Chong guides Disruptiva Works, S.A. de C.V., and has extensive experience in the food production sphere. Reflecting a background in healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, Luis Miguel Chong Chong maintains a strong interest in human life sciences services, including genomics.

The human genome was first sequenced 15 years ago, and high-throughput sequencing has provided vital tools for accessing genetic data. Unfortunately, it has traditionally been difficult for researchers to differentiate random errors related to the sequencing process from small mutations that may be linked to cancer and other diseases.

A recent MIT Technology Review article drew attention to improvements in AI techniques and machine learning that are enabling more efficient ways of analyzing the vast quantities of data contained within the genetic sequence. Google’s DeepVariant automatically transforms readouts from high-throughput sequencing into a comprehens…