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Cradles to Crayons program - Phyllis Yale Impact Award

Prior to entering the field of management consulting, Matthew Hamory attended Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in ecology and evolutionary biology in 1998 and graduated magna cum laude. Matthew Hamory is also involved with a number of local charities, including the Cradles to Crayons program.

Founded in 2002 as a means to help provide children from birth to age 12 with the clothes, school supplies, and other essentials for everyday living, the Cradles to Crayons program brings people together to unite those who have with those in need. One of the methods the program uses to encourage participation is through its Phyllis Yale Impact Award.

As an active member of the organization for over 10 years, Phyllis Yale was known for her passion and drive in helping to develop the Cradles to Crayons program. The organization recognized her dedication by creating the Phyllis Yale Impact Award, which acknowledges and encourages the work of other comm…